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What is a Good Credit Score

by Nutty

When you considered getting a loan, you must know and have a good credit score before apply your request. If you have a good score, you will have a great chance to get a best interest rate. Then the question “What is a Good Credit Score” come to your mine. We will show you “what is common factor that use to consider your credit score”, and if you consider for credit report you can have one free by get free annual credit report, including  free credit score to protect and monitor your financial status from online website.

Normally the rang of credit score running from 350-850, and how do we know what is the number that they consider as “good score”. The three major credit bureaus are calculating your score and they also had their own scoring model and most of them are very common, as you can see just a bit different of your score on each of them.

Then score that you must have is above 700. If you can maintain your score over 700 all time, then you will have a good credit score as many people imagine for. This will reflect to your credit report also, in some of the reason they are much related.

The factors that use to calculate are listed as below. We show you the major to minor one.

1. Your payment history, if you can pay your bill on time, it was pretty sure that you don’t have to concern on this factor. Otherwise the over due payment will use to consider. In some cases only one over due payment can cause interest rate up to 200% of the best score.

2. Ratio of your total debt and available credit account, they will calculate your dept to all active account that you have. You should maintain to have 50% available, and then there is nothing to worry about.

3. Your credit history or credit report, if you have long story and it was good, it will reflect to your greater score.

4. Credit account, if you have many accounts and open them in a short of period you will have a problem to your score as easy.

So they are common and major things that use to consider your credit report. If you can maintain them with a good position, you can sitting back and relax to see the high number of your score in report.


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